Vehicle Wraps Do and Don’t?

14 May

Vehicle Wraps Do and Don’t?

Are you considering having a vehicle wrap applied to your car to make it look new, professional and eye catching? Getting a vehicle wrap done on your car is one great way to make it look revitalised and beautiful once more, with a custom design of your own choosing and creation with the help of a professional designer so it will look exactly as you wish it to.

However, there are some disasters that can happen when it comes to vehicle wraps if you are not careful, and these are things that you would definitely want to avoid. You would hate to drive away being disappointed after investing in vehicle wrapping on your car, truck, bus or motorcycle, only to get home and instead of showing it off to all of your friends, family and other travellers on the road, you might find that you are lamenting over how hideous the whole thing looks.

You can avoid that terrible situation and ensure that you are completely thrilled with the end result of your vehicle wrap b simply following a few precautions in order to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Not only do you need to be cautious regarding the process of how you go about designing and having your vehicle wrap applied, but you also need to have realistic expectations regarding what your vehicle wrap can and cannot do. Here are some of the do and don’ts you should keep in mind when it comes to vehicle wrapping so you have the best possible chance of ensuring your success.

  • DON’T assume that your entire vehicle will be able to be wrapped: This may be the case, but you don’t want to find out that it’s not and end up disappointed. Talk to the company you are working with about what is possible.
  • DO make sure your design is realistic: Talk with the company that you are working with in order to ensure that the design you have in mind is truly feasible.
  • DON’T design your vehicle to be viewed head on: Remember that the vehicle you are driving is a three dimensional object; therefore, it will be viewed from all sides as you drive along the road, so the design should be created while keeping this fact in mind.
  • DO place small text on flat surfaces: If you place small texts within the groves of the vehicle, it may be too difficult for the viewer to read your message. This is particularly true while you are driving along the road at high speeds. Placing such texts on flat areas allows for easier reading.
  • DON’T use fonts that are difficult to decipher: If the other drivers on the road can’t read your text, then it might as well not be there at all because it is not doing you any good.
  • DO keep your design simple: Your goal is not to overwhelm the viewer, particularly because as you are driving, they will not be viewing your vehicle wrap for long.

As long as you keep these things in mind, you are certain to love the end result of your vehicle wrap!

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