Motorcycle Wraps


Not many vehicles can be as individual, unique or reflect the owner as much as a customised bike.  Why not complete your favourite ride with a wrap or decal to make your bike like no other. Whether it’s a cruising Fat-Boy Harley, a Motocross weapon or a cool scooter we can create a unique motorcycle wrap to fit your style and needs. And if you’re more into old skool rides, Race Paint our dedicated paint department can create a one-off masterpiece with air brush and paint gun. The only limit is your imagination.

Like all of our wraps, we only use premium products to achieve the best, most professional wrap money can buy, the vinyl we use is made to stand up to the rigours of the Australian climate, and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Here are some popular options listed below that can transform your ride from ordinary to a one-of-a-kind.




Carbon Fibre vinyl is commonly used for motorcycle wraps. It replicates the look of the original carbon fibre material associated with racing and other modern high-tech composites. We have a number of Carbon Fibre options, both with and without a textured finish or with a coloured tint.


This will give your bike a unique, subtle appearance. A number of varieties are available in various colours to suit almost every individual. Textures can range from metallic finishes, including polished and brushed effects, a number of wood grains, even vinyl with a leather grain is available. Textured finishes can add a touch of class to your wrap, which can be appreciated the closer you get to it.


If you want your motorcycle wrap to shine, then this is the wrap for you. Vinyl Chrome comes in a vast range of colours and can give your ride a stunning sleek look.


Let your imagination run wild. We can digitally print any image you have or we can create a unique design from scratch integrating photos of loved ones, classic paintings, hyper-realistic 3D renderings, air brush designs or abstract patterns, all of these options are available to create a visual feast.


Motorcycles like any other vehicle are suited to striping to give you that performance look. Also we can provide classic styles such as flames and contemporary patterns such as Camouflage are among some of the most popular today.

Wrapping your ride has added benefits; your existing bodywork will be protected from dust and dirt and any fading that would result from prolonged exposure to the Australian sun. Should you decide to change your mind on your design or want to return your bike to factory finish the wrap can be quickly and easily removed without harming the paint underneath.

Fleeting Image prides itself on innovation and creative designs that work towards creating a brighter, eye-catching finish to your ride. If you want to change the look of your vehicle, or have a project that you need to breathe new life into contact us for a chat.