Boat & Kayak Wraps

Have the Best Boat Wrap Created by Experts

Vinyl wraps are not just used for cars these days. With the development of vinyl and printing technologies, wrapping boats is proving to be an effective as well as a durable option for all marine craft.

Boats are an excellent choice of medium to use as a blank canvas letting your imagination run wild. Apart from boats just about any seafaring craft can be wrapped, be it a jet ski, kayak or even a yacht. John Evans, creative wizard and managing director of Fleeting Image has been painting and wrapping boats for decades and has produced some of the most iconic racing boats in Australia out there, so give us a call to make your pride and joy legendary.

The Wrapping Process

Fleeting Image can handle all aspects of the wrap process and we’ll guide you from initial consultation to creating a one-off design, to finished art and then to the final printed product. We produce printed samples so that you know exactly what you’re getting before we go to the full size print. Finally we reach the most important part of any wrap project which is the installation. Our wraps come with our full 1 year workmanship warranty and materials also include a manufacturer’s warranty so that you can enjoy your boat wrap for years to come.

Should your budget be limited or you just want a smaller graphic added to your marine craft Fleeting Image are here to create a new logo or decal, be it a cartoon character, a dramatic fish or shark emblem or simply the name of your vessel, we also print and supply boat registration numbers or bow motifs and logos. Don’t forget we can also create a matching design for your towing vehicle for that complete and classy custom look.

kayak wraps

Durability of Kayak & Boat Wraps

Our qualified technicians have years of experience in fitting wraps to all marine craft for both salt and fresh water, which we provide to all states in Australia.

Not only does wrapping prove to be a durable and efficient process but vinyl will also protect and preserve your original paint or gelcoat underneath. The following are a list of other advantages:

  • Quick Application: Vinyl wraps are applied quickly and take less preparation time than paint. As long as your boat is clean and sound a typical wrap application takes around two days. Fleeting Image also has a fully working paint studio where we can also prep boats should they be damaged or require repairs before application.
  • Affordable: The cost of vinyl wrapping is cost-effective and a good alternative to painting and should you change your mind or sell your boat you always have the option of removing the wrap.
  • Easy to maintain: Unlike paint that requires cutting and polishing, wraps can be cleaned with just soap and water or easy to apply polymer based products.
  • Easy to repair: When faced with scratches or minor dents, you won’t require a complete rewrap. Patches can be repaired in a fraction of the time and cost.
  • Durability: Our wraps have a long life and if maintained can typically last for up to 5 years. 3M vinyl doesn’t just recommend film for marine wraps they warrant it for 2 years. Kayaks also often include extra hull protective vinyl strips and seams edge sealed for peace of mind.
  • Safe and Eco-friendly: It is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to toxic marine paints since there are no chemicals or solvents used.

Fleeting Image can provide the best fishing boat, kayak and ski boat wraps around. Be sure to check out our boats gallery of previous designs or check out our happy customers’ feedback on our Facebook page at