Bus Wraps


Not many vehicles come bigger than a long coach or double-decker bus and it’s this sheer size and presence that can exhibit your brand or business so effectively while in transit. A fully wrapped bus commands attention like no other, and provides an amazing advertising opportunity which is both mobile and striking.

Buses not only provide an impressive canvas to pass on your message to captive audiences but also act like a massive mobile billboard often travelling around the heart of high profile metropolitan areas as well as providing recognition to an international market when running airport or tourist routes.


Here at Fleeting Image, we have extensive experience designing and wrapping buses and other people carriers and can create highly visible, head turning designs that will literally leap out from traffic. If a corporate fleet is required then we can also provide a smart and sophisticated design that reflects your brand perfectly.


Bus wraps can be wrapped from top to bottom, including side and rear glass with Clear View perforated vinyl which appears solid from the road but allows passengers to have a view outward unhindered. Clear views can also act as an effective shading system in summer, restricting light and heat into the cabin. Like all other wraps we do, you have a huge choice of premium vinyls to work with including satin, gloss, metallic and reflective finishes for that added touch of class or eye-popping look-at-me appearance.

Another benefit of wrapping your vehicle is the protective qualities of vinyl. Our premium wrapping vinyl preserves and protects your original paintwork from mild akalis, mild acids and salt. Wrapping your bus or coach also protects your paintwork and trim from the harsh Australian sun in the hotter months. This added bonus also means should you resell the vehicle the paintwork underneath will be in great condition and can increase the used value when it comes to sell. Due to vinyl’s flexibility a wrap can be fitted to last for years or alternatively for a limited time which is ideal for temporary promotional use or special events that are only required up to a certain date. Once your promotion or event has ended a wrap can be removed quickly, returning your vehicle to the original condition it was before the wrap was applied.