Truck Wraps


If you already own a truck or have a fleet of large vehicles nothing maximises advertising your brand more than a vehicle wrap. An effective exterior wrap can generate major interest from passers-by and fellow road users and while sitting in traffic you have a captive audience with direct exposure to your company.

A single wrapped truck can generate over a million visual impressions a year, like a mobile billboard, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


As well as promotional purposes a truck wrap provides a number of benefits for both your fleet and hip pocket. A vehicle wrap can cost up to 50% less than a custom paint job, while also being flexible enough that the wrap can be removed when you want to sell your vehicle, or when you want to change your branding or simply change your mind. Remember for business owners vehicle wraps are fully tax deductible making it one of the most cost effective promotional investments out there.

A wrap installation is also so much quicker to apply than paint, meaning your rig can be back on the road so much sooner. Typically we can wrap an entire prime mover cab and trailer in 3 days while a typical lead and dog wrap we can do within three hours.

custom truck wraps
truck wraps

Vinyl wrapping also provides a protective layer to your original paint adding value when you resell your truck. We have had personal experience with removing vinyl from some vehicles that have been on the road for over five years and the paint and finish has been preserved almost like new. Vinyl prevents damage caused by the harsh Australian climate, from stone chips and general wear and tear.

Fleeting image can also provide an extra layer of protection with thicker protective laminates for heavy-duty use. Ideal for construction lorries and movers, just ask our happy clients such as Lantrak Resource management, Fleet Plant Hire, and Monk – BHB among others.


A truck makes an imposing mobile billboard and is often the first direct exposure a company has to a potential customer. Make your first impression last with a bespoke design made by Fleeting Image that will present a unique, consistent message that furthers your company or brand.


We have over 20 years experience in designing and printing for trucks big and small and our qualified remote subcontractors enable us to have your truck wrapped anywhere in the country including in our own modern workshop in Braeside, Vic which is just 38 mins from Melbourne CBD.

Fleeting Image only use proven, premium quality vinyls and laminates backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty. The products we use are made to handle the rigors of the Australian climate and will last so much longer than cheaper inferior vinyls offered by cost-cutting outfits – poor quality, cheap vinyl is a false economy. When it comes to your ride only premium vinyls can offer you the protection and performance that your brand deserves.