Deliciously Wrapped Food Trucks

Deliciously Wrapped Food Trucks

Everyone knows that Melbourne is the culinary capital of Australia with its fine collection of restaurants and eateries from the Melbourne CBD to its eclectic inner suburbs, but did you know Melbourne is also the food truck capital of Australia? You only need to look back on pioneers like Beatbox Kitchen who started serving burgers out of their funky food truck in 2009 and see the phenomenon take off from there.


Not only does Melbourne’s food truck industry put out food on par with its native restaurants but their mobility is providing choice all around the city for both tourists and late-night city dwellers.  Melbourne CBD is also set to expand this trend with five official precincts opening in March 2017.

If you’re considering breaking into the food truck market or want your existing truck to turn heads, come see us at Fleeting Image, we have experience wrapping food trucks and caravans of all shapes and sizes. Our service does not just end with vinyl wrapping, our full car customisation process can include alloy wheel painting and refurbishment, whitewall and redwall tyres and lettering, lighting upgrades,  illuminated signage and complimentary billboards and A frames. Our existing clientele have some of the most striking catering vehicles out there which attracts more publicity and more customers for their business. Don’t be left behind, come talk to us to make your food truck stand out from the crowd.

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