Truck Wraps


Trucks are not just vehicles for transportation; they’re so much more than that. Not only can you use them as ordinary vehicles just to get to different places, they can also be used to transport goods. And if you’re smart, you can even use it for advertising too. How can anyone use it for advertising? Well, we have the answer for you.


Trucks are often used for small to large sized business; businesses that generally involve picking up and dropping off goods in different locations. Their durability and functionality make them great vehicles for these types of businesses. They are so useful that owning one ensures you to get double your investment back. This is partly because owning a truck means you have to pay much less for advertising; just use the truck itself as a canvas to advertise your business.

We, at Fleeting Image offer our customers custom truck wraps for this purpose, as well as many others. We offer the most creative, custom vinyl wraps for your truck. Whether you have one truck for a small business, or a whole fleet that services an entire business conglomerate, custom truck wraps ensure that you are creative with your next advertising campaign. You will be literally promoting your company or business as you drive!

custom truck wraps
truck wraps

As one of the oldest and most reliable vehicle wrapping companies in Melbourne, Fleeting Image has a huge amount of experience in making and applying custom truck wraps. In fact, we don’t stop there. We have car wraps, bus wraps, and helicopter wraps. We love challenges and have even provided vinyl wraps for the Australian Navy! Our innovation and hard work has put us at the forefront of our industry for the past 25 years. The design team works on a one-to-one basis with every customer to put together the perfect design that aptly represents your business and the message you are trying to get across. We are committed to giving our customers the best value for their money, without ever compromising on quality.


Once your truck has its custom wrap, it is important to know how to care for it. Keeping the vehicle clean is important. Use a sponge and soapy water, or a high pressure sprayer to clean the truck and the vinyl regularly. However, do not put the nozzle of the sprayer against the vinyl directly as it could rip or tear. Hand wax the truck, do not use a buffer. The vinyl needs to be protected from the elements, so waxing the car every three months should be sufficient. Also, avoid parking the truck under trees for a very long time as the sap from certain trees can ruin your wrap. Making sure that the vinyl is protected is the least you can do, considering the investment that was made in it. Protecting the vinyl also ensures that your advertising goes on unhindered.

At Fleeting Image, the vehicle wrapping section uses state of the art technology to completely encapsulate the truck in two pack automotive clear coat that extends the life of the vinyl wrap.