Custom Cars


Ever looked at a dashing car with a picture of your favourite character or logo and felt a twinge of longing? They are not as costly as they look. You could do that to your car too! Custom cars in Melbourne and decals are what we see everywhere around us now. The generation of today wants to stand apart from the rest and is itching to imprint its unique mark of individuality. So, what exactly does this mean? It means you can remodel or design the exterior of your vehicle in absolutely any way you want, be it a brand new vehicle or a battered old one.

It has become the trend now to show off each one’s personalized vehicle in many countries. There are even contests held for these where the best one is selected. Cars are no more just a means of mere transportation. They speak volumes about one’s style and class. If you dream of giving your car a makeover with custom decals in Melbourne, this is the time to do it.


Decals are basically flat substances like paper, ceramic or cloths that have designs on them which adhere to the surface of the vehicle following the proper process, usually with the help of heat, water or pressure. They come in a variety of designs and bubbling colours that are a wonderful treat to the human eyes. Custom decals in Melbourne are available in plenty.

Most of the custom cars present in Melbourne are painted in metallic or wild colours. Post the painting process, the design is applied with the help of decals. Sometimes, the taillights are given a tinge of an attractive colour to complement the appearance of a car. Basically, the choice is all yours. You can pool in all of your creativity and decide how your vehicle should look like.

Here are the primary ways to customize your car:



Change the colour and size of your rim and look at what difference it will make to your car. Most custom cars in Melbourne that are customized at a simple level change just this.


Most big rimmed cars get the complete posh look only when they are suspended at a level little lower than that of the original. Depending on the level, do not forget to adjust your controls for a smooth driving experience.


This may be subject to traffic laws. Check that out and then decide upon the percentage of tinting to be done.

Our people at Fleeting Image are highly innovative in their ideas and will cook up something wonderful just for you to suit your taste. We specialize in custom decals in Melbourne. You can relax and watch your vehicle transform in their able hands into a captivating one. When you have all these facilities at one stop, why look further? Reach out to us and let your vehicle rule the roads leaving everyone in awe.