Vehicle signage is the new concept in the field of advertising media. When you convert your commercial vehicle into a mobile hoarding by the technique of signage, it means a larger radius is covered than most other forms of advertising, wherein it is also cost effective at the same. You do not have to pay tax for advertising plus these signs tend to last longer. Your vehicle will be recognized everywhere which gets people talking about your company. Now, that means more market, right? That is why vehicle signage in Melbourne is the hottest thing in.

When at a traffic signal or at a place to deliver goods, imagine the large number of people who will read the advertisement, sometimes even out of sheer boredom. But your target will be achieved. More and more people will be reading it. Vehicle signage does not mean just painting a few letters on your vehicle. It requires choosing apt colours, fonts, font sizes to reach the audience. Also, highly advanced methods are used to prolong the life of the signs.



These are magnets that adhere to the flat steel surface of your car. They are quite durable and easy to maintain. If you are looking for simple car signage in Melbourne, this is the one to opt for. You have the complete freedom to brand vehicles according to your wish. In seconds, you could change your commercial van to one for your personal use. All you have to do is to get a magnetic sign kit designed for your vehicle and wait for the results!!


Windows can also be wrapped extending the design of your car or van wrap. Rear windows are a prime spot on your vehicle to pass your message on to other road users, especially while waiting in traffic. Perforated one-way vision vinyl ensures that the visibility from inside is not hindered. ‘Clearview’ not only provides more signage options but also security and a certain amount of sun shading during the hotter months. Using the latest advancement in technology, these can be made to last for long periods of time despite exposure to varying weather conditions.


This cost-effective method of vehicle signage in Melbourne is created by vinyl being laser or mechanically cut to produce large sized text. These simple decales tend to catch the attraction of the passers-by. When your delivery vehicle is on its call of duty, imagine how many people will be reading the advertisement if it is captivating in bright, bold letters.

These are the most effective advertising methods to boost your business.

Costs for car signage in Melbourne will vary from company to company. Make sure you opt for a service that offers good quality at decent costs. Today, many companies use the art of digital printing in its most developed form and create largely creative advertisements to help you fly high.

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